I recently went through the process of replacing a number of branch office switches with Brocades. I had never worked with them before, my experience thus far has primarily been with Ciscos, however I found them to be very similar (as was likely the intention) with only a few differences, such as how VLANs are configured. For the most part they’ve been solid, and are a cheaper alternative to the Cisco devices, however I did run into a couple issues with them.

The plan was to install 2 units in each branch configured as a stack. Pretty much all the branches were identical in their configuration, so once one was figured out the rest could pretty much be copied and pasted. Everything was going well until I started to see the following errors repeatedly on one unit:

PoE Internal Error: Unknown hw status 0x37 on port 1/1/17.
PoE Internal Error: Unknown hw status 0x37 on port 1/1/18.

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SFTP servers are very popular and there are a multitude of guides to out there on how to set them up. I found however that typically with the basic configuration users will still be able to access parent directories ¬†and see the files contained within due to the required permissions on a user’s home drive. For example, if you were to install vsftpd using the guide found here, you would be able to browse to the root:

2016-08-28 18_13_16-Users - - WinSCP

The solution was to create a new directory structure with specific permissions that will emulate the structure of the home directory. To the end user it will look like they’re home directory but it will actually be in an alternate location. This is best used for a pure SFTP server where users will only ever connect using SFTP to upload and download files.
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